Membership conditions - Terms of Agreement

  1. With this application you seek for the membership of Porihalli. Pori Halli Oy holds the right to check the applicant’s credit information before accepting the application. If the application is to be dismissed, Pori Halli Oy will return the payment which was cashed in when the application was signed.
  2. The benefits of the membership are only available with a membership card. The card entitles to the services that are specified in the contract. Some services have time-/room reservations. The card is personal and it needs to be read on the card reader when entering the gym.
  3. The membership is billed monthly via e-invoice. As an option for e-invoice the billing can be done via email or with paper bill through mail. Pori Halli Oy holds the right to charge additional payment for paper bills.
  4. The joining fee to the gym is 39€. The joining fee should be paid at the same time when making the contract at the gym. The joining fee will not be returned in case of possible ending of the contract.
  5. The membership is valid and binding either 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the customer’s choice. A fixed-term agreement can be terminated early only in exceptional circumstances. After the fixed-term contract period, the membership continues automatically as a continuous contract if the customer hasn’t resigned 30 days before the end of the fixed-term period. The term of notice is always 30 days. The resignation has to be done in a written form at the customer service desk or via email. If there is still one payment due after the resignation notice, the contract continues until the end of that payment period. Possible pre-payments will not be compensated or returned in any way.
  6. Possible special offers/free months are not included in the fixed-term period of the contract. These months are added into the binding contract period. The fixed-term period starts after the free/special offer months have ended.
  7. If the customer chooses to terminate the membership during the binding contract period, Pori Halli Oy will charge 150€ as an early termination fee. The fee will be paid at Pori Halli Oy customer service desk same time with the early termination notice. In this case the membership will end on the last day of the month the notice was given.
  8. The owner of the membership card has the right to transfer the membership to another person temporarily or permanently. The minimum period for a transfer is two weeks and the transfer must always be done at the Pori Halli Oy customer service desk.
  9. Pori Halli Oy holds the right to increase the prices based on the yearly cost-of-living index. Price increases don’t affect fixed-period contracts. Possible changes in prices will be announced at least one month before the turn of the year.
  10. Pori Halli Oy holds the right to keep the sports center closed or change the opening hours.
  11. If the monthly payment is more than seven days overdue, the entrance gate will not open. The matter must be dealt as soon as possible with the customer service.
  12. The use of any intoxicating substances or being affected by them in Pori Halli Oy’s facilities is strictly forbidden.

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